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Benchmarking Benchmark individuals or teams against the most successful entrepreneurs & business builders — or compare across cultures. Golden T.D. The role of relationships in understanding telecommuter satisfaction. Martin B., MacDonnell R. Is telework effective for organizations? A meta-analysis of empirical research on perceptions of telework and organizational outcomes. Chung H., van der Horst M. Women’s employment patterns after childbirth and the perceived access to and use of flexitime and teleworking. Before completing the questionnaire, the participants signed an informed consent form.

How to recover from the dead end of ‘quiet quitting’ – Anchorage Daily News

How to recover from the dead end of ‘quiet quitting’.

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 14:12:54 GMT [source]

However, we consider that even though the use of PLS-SEM does not fix the selection bias, it strengthens the external validity of explorative studies due to the robustness of its analysis. The transversal design and the fact of collecting the data at the beginning of the pandemic is also a limitation. We suggest that future longitudinal studies could offer sufficient data to analyze the changes in the remote work dynamics at different times and their effects on the levels of stress. It will also be helpful to use objective measures of productivity, satisfaction, work–life balance, and engagement, rather than a measure of perception of said issues. Often employers mentioned flexible working hours and various social guarantees in their job advertisements as benefits that could be of interest to potential employees. How the employees in Latvia evaluated these additional benefits was studied in a Eurobarometer survey on work–life balance.

Work-Life Strategies to Reclaim Time in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

While eating snacks all day while a step away from your fridge sounds amazing, it does nothing for your productivity or sense of work-life balance while working from home. At work we may be more compelled to take a lunch break when your coworkers remind you to – this doesn’t happen at home. To achieve the perfect work-life balance, optimize those hours you no longer spend commuting. Capitalze on your remote work life as a better alternative to your office life. If you like your job and the people you work with, being a work-life balance role model can help foster a healthy work culture.

It is in this relationship between remote work and productivity that a difference between men and women appears. Our study shows that perceived stress affects productivity more acutely for men than for women. Nevertheless, many employers expect each employee to work at the fixed office work hours. When an employee is bounded to rigid work hours, they spend more time looking at the clock than actually focus on getting completing the work efficiently.

Tip 6: Quit when you’re not getting ahead

A little more specifically, if there’s a task that has been bugging you throughout the week, but you couldn’t find the time to fix it, then use part of the day on Friday as a good opportunity to close out your week with this project. Because a company doesn’t offer a benefit doesn’t mean you can’t make it happen, either. If you have an idea for a benefit that you think would make your coworkers more happy at work, suggest it to HR or the People & Culture Dept. It’s within a company’s best interest to keep you, and make sure you’re happy and energized to do your work effectively. This benefit can be a small cash bonus in your paycheck, or even something like a reimbursable gym membership. We list more questions to ask your interviewer that’ll jump-start this process for you.

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Toaccounting cycle the Reworked community consists of over 2 million influential employee experience, digital workplace and talent development leaders, the majority of whom are based in North America and employed by medium to large organizations. Our sister community, CMSWire gathers the world’s leading customer experience, voice of the customer, digital experienceand customer service professionals. Reworked, produced by Simpler Media Group, is the world’s leading community of employee experience and digital workplace professionals.

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There may be some days where you work longer hours so you have time later in the week to enjoy other activities. By establishing strict boundaries between professional and personal life, you can mitigate stress, avoid job burnout, and it can positively impact your wellness and productivity. Doing so, you don’t have to juggle between work mode and life mode. Our final set of practical suggestions are for HRD practitioners who desire to provide ongoing work-life balance support to remote workers.

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When you do not have designated areas for work and non-work, it can start to feel as if you are always on the clock. Some folks are lucky enough to have separate rooms to set up home offices in. However, even if you do not have a room with a closable and lockable door, you should create separate spaces for work and relaxation. Breaks are essential and can be great ways to destress and refocus. However, there is a difference between breaks and distractions.

FlexJobs has advice and resources to help you navigate the world of remote work, whether you’re brand new to the journey or are a work-from-home pro. We all know that it feels good to get some fresh air in the middle of a workday, but did you know that it can also improve your productivity? Studies show that breathing fresh air leads to better decision making, higher test scores, and improved information processing—and it’s a wonderful way to support your wellness. When your work hours have a beginning and an end, you can more easily set boundaries with your family, coworkers, and manager.

Often the first to go when our routine is disrupted in such a big way, exercise should be the first thing we make time for. It reduces stress, pumps up endorphins, and lifts your mood. It will give you the same benefits with the added sense of accomplishment and self-care. The first thing you need to realise is that work-life balance while working from home is more of a juggle or a blending of both aspects of our life. It will look different for each of us and could change on a daily basis. It will contrast drastically if you are single, married, or have kids at home all day.

Indeed, that finding aligns with the earlier surveys and peer-reviewed research suggesting remote and hybrid work improves wellbeing. It’s like comparing remote and hybrid work to a state of leisure. Sure, people would feel less isolated if they could hang out and have a beer with their friends instead of working. They could take care of their existing mental health issues if they could visit a therapist. When creating a schedule that works for you, think about the best way to achieve balance at work and in your personal life.

All of the above can significantly affect your relationships with those close to you. Lack of a healthy work-life balance means you can’t find the time to be with your family or friends. Not to mention, if you always have work on the back of your mind, any time you do spend with them ends up not being meaningful. As a result, you waste your true chances to destress by leaning on your support system.

  • If you have no need for this anymore, toss that Outlook app far, far away.
  • If management seems unreceptive, uncaring, or unsympathetic when you try to broach the subject, then the reaction may be a sign of problems with company culture.
  • The program sends gentle reminders when employees stray off task, provides a breakdown of weekly time spent, and has resources and courses meant to help employees better optimize their time.

By setting firm hours while working from home can’t be useful for employees and they get exhausted both physically and mentally. That’s why employers need to embrace Flexible Work Hours and allow employees to work at the times that are best for them. Time management is a very important aspect when it comes to having a proper work-life balance. However, you can’t improve your time management skills if you aren’t aware of how you spend your time. Learn how to strike a balance between work and personal life while working remotely from this blog post. Yes, it’s possible to have a successful professional career and a fulfilling personal life.

6 Hacks to Manage Your Time and Regain your Energy – Entrepreneur

6 Hacks to Manage Your Time and Regain your Energy.

Posted: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 13:30:00 GMT [source]

For one thing, you’re alone, without any coworkers nearby to motivate you to stay productive and busy. For another, your home offers more things to do than the office. If you work from your couch where you normally binge-watch your favorite true-crime series, you might get distracted halfway through the day.


It’s important to remember that while you can always continue work tomorrow, nothing can make up for lost experiences and memories with our loved ones. I would be lying if I claimed to get dressed up for my remote job. I have fully embraced the WFH leggings life and may never return fully to office wear. However, I make a point to change out of my pajamas and into a fresh outfit every morning. The momentum can make it easier to get into a working mindset and improve my mood throughout the day. Outfit changes can also make it easier to transition out of the workday, as you can use the shift from business casual clothes into loungewear to help distinguish between on-hours and off-hours.