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The one-to-many broadcast network is generally used for public information and mass-media entertainment. And the two-way radio i.e. duplex communication is public safety and services such as police, fire, cabs, and delivery services. For telecom billing, OSS/BSS help arrange proper customer support and optimize the network interface for the end-user.

telecom software companies

The three key mega trends of safety, electrification and personalization, will drive their adoption,” said Joshi. Tangoe Platform is a Telecom Expense Management product designed to manage telecom expenses across https://globalcloudteam.com/ the enterprise. There is no paid placement and analyst opinions do not influence their rankings. Here is our Promise to Buyers to ensure information on our site is reliable, useful, and worthy of your trust.

Increasing customer satisfaction by effective service and less customer response time. Manage your entire telecom network portfolio cost-efficiently and in real-time environment with our Telecom Management Software. «Students and staff benefit from Sapphire’s custom data delivery software.» Capitalize on the explosive growth of active device connections and widespread automation to enable new business models and revenue streams. I ranked & reviewed the world’s best app companies & software’s based on google rankings, market research & ceo interview of over 6000+ agencies.

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Maxtron Innovations is a Global Digital Product Engineering Service & Consulting company founded by a team of IITians. With our unmatched excellence in design, technology, and business strategies we transform your idea into a meaningful, high-performance product which helps you build or optimize your business. We’re a 7 year-old design studio that create digital experiences for top brands and businesses across the globe. We work with ambitious brands and people, combine our design thinking, strategy and technology to build something great together. Webrecks is a Global IT Services company with expertise in outsourced product development with focusing on Web Design and Development, E-commerce Portals and Applications, Mobile App Development and MVC based web solutions. We are consistently delivering offshore outsourcing solutions, quality web products and solutions to every organization.

«They were quite flexible and were ready to work hard based on our timelines.» Our developers implement security measures to prevent SIP hacking, caller ID scams, Signal System No.7 attacks, Domain Name Security breaches, and more, utilizing IoT best protocols like secure authentication, Layer Two Tunneling Protocol , and data encryptions . The company aims to improve its performance and efficiency to deliver its best to its end-user. Epam/Anywhere business – Provides technical assistance for small and medium-sized companies.

telecom software companies

Turbocharge your billing capabilities and introduce new pricing, product and service offerings at a competitive pace. Our directory is purpose-built to help companies find and connect with partners in the telecom channel. Providing assurance, consulting & tax guidance to telecom, cable, satellite & internet companies. You can count on our insight and experience to help you achieve your financial, operational & strategic goals.

Learn More About Telecom Expense Management (TEM) Software

The company understands the pain points like high costs, coverage outages, poor customer service, and billing disputes. And they develop and deliver solutions addressing the pain points of customers. Adopting digital solutions will transform telecom companies’ operations to deliver best-in-class solutions to customers. Perfection is the base of every business that develops a strong platform for the company to serve their clients and bestow highly competitive services. Survin IT Solutions is the name that encompasses all the features mentioned hereby. Our complete working strategy revolves around customer satisfaction.

This in-depth Telecommunication Software assessment exercise intends to help our users in making informed decisions and, ultimately, picking the best product that helps them achieve their business goals. A telecommunication software system allows quick and effective exchange of conversation between the business employee and the customer, and thus enhances customer service. TEM products are beneficial for telecom companies in that they are able to cut costs and increase efficiency by automating billing and invoice management. The tracking and monitoring of telecom services and expenses allows for an increase in overall operational and financial efficiency. Most of the pricing for telecom expense management is customized to fit the end users needs and therefore usually aren’t displayed publicly. Industry estimates place average pricing around $30 monthly for basic packages with limited features.

Applicability and Benefits

I cannot begin to thank NewVision enough for the monumental steps forward that have been made in the evolution of PLM. I’d like to call out @NV Pega Leads because your knowledge of Pega is hands down outstanding and has helped in tandem with your team to bring us to where we are today. Have we had our sometimes-heated debates over the best path forward? Yes, but inevitably we always reached a consensus, and whatever that was you were able to make it happen. @QA Lead, likewise, I have greatly appreciated your assistance with the testing efforts and ensuring we came to a logical fix. Bottom line folks, we will be successful if we continue this same pace and work together, so I appreciate every one of you and am proud of the product we have created.

Telesoft is a Telecom Expense Management company, offering self-managed SaaS, hosted or a managed service option. Save time and money on manual billing, mailing, and traveling. Ability to create and process invoices online without extra paperwork or delays. At Kansys, we have a rich history in understanding the telecom industry along with all the facets that fall within the BSS/OSS market. Not only have we been working with over 100 different CSP’s since 1997 but during the first half of our existence, this was our primary focus. By submitting your details, you agree that we may contact you by call, email, and SMS and that you have read our terms of use and privacy policy.

  • They can schedule jobs, monitor the progress of service delivery at the customer location, and view dashboard reporting of every activity in real-time.
  • Our experts build, order, and manage all the telecom-related digital services, tariffs, and packages in one place as well as offer automated payment processing, debtor management, and data verification.
  • This will only increase as more and more 5G and LTE services come online, bringing with it a need for next-generation, platform-agnostic telecom billing management solutions that support today’s complex telecommunications revenue requirements.
  • Our solutions can streamline network-centric components related to the operation of telecommunication companies.

Since business support systems constitute the backbone of the business-critical functions of the telecom companies, they deserve particular attention. For this reason, Intellias offers a variety of telecom software services to help companies optimize specific processes within their organizations. Intellias helped our client embark on the migration journey and build a cloud-native, fully integrated network management system that enabled them to scale their business processes and offer more competitive pricing to end customers. Sparx IT Solutions is a renowned mobile app and web development company providing cutting-edge solutions for varied business verticals around the world. Coupling our years of industry experience with technological competence, we provide our clients with high-grade solutions that are both cost-effective and give a competitive advantage.


To check the complete details of the company you want to partner with, I have detailed the companies’ pros and other perks in the section below the short intro of companies. “For a vehicle to communicate with the surrounding infrastructure, the number of connected devices is going to go up drastically. 5G can essentially support 10x the number of devices in the same square kilometer area,” Talawadekar said. Recently, Bharti Airtel and Tech Mahindra announced a strategic partnership to deploy a 5G solution at Mahindra’s Chakan manufacturing facility.

telecom software companies

They can schedule jobs, monitor the progress of service delivery at the customer location, and view dashboard reporting of every activity in real-time. Codiant- A Yash Technologies Company, is a leading technology service provider that specializes in the field of Enterprise Mobility, Web Application Development, UI/UX Development, and Application Maintenance and support Services across various platforms. We integrate with contact & call center software solutions to transform customer engagement for contact centers worldwide. The company aims to develop solutions that improve customers’ services and open doors for new opportunities. Puresoftware builds and implements custom solutions for top telecom companies to ensure business growth.

MobileCoderz Technologies

TEM is available a a product called Telecom Lifecycle Management and is also available as a managed service which includes mobility management, identity authentication and access management. The company also provides market data management, and IT expense management. The Kansys Edge telecom billing software provides you with a nimble and agile monetization capability for any type of carrier.

Want senior tech talents and full-stack development partners for your telecom solution need? Pure Software – Provides next-generation embedded solutions for telecom customers to drive growth. Elinext – Provides services to startups, small businesses, and extensive communication companies around the globe.

After the traditional suppliers in the auto industry, the software companies have entered this space and now, the telecom companies are becoming a part of the supplier group of the automotive industry. Granite offers nationwide service with enhanced support, one bill, and one point of contact. With Granite, you can simplify communications to a single platform.

What is OSS/BSS in telecom billing?

The company is known for developing networks, software development security, and business process solutions that are helping telecom companies improve their business performance. TechAvidus provide tailored software, web and mobile applications to small, medium and large enterprises. Our work culture is based on the core philosophy of cooperation and collaboration. We at TechAvidus take utmost care in dealing with our customers. Telecommunications software organizes and manages all forms of the e-data interchange . ScienceSoft, a T-Mobile, Orange, and Viber software development partner with 16 years of telecom software development experience, creates OSS, BSS, and bespoke VoIP/IPTV software.

A network not only includes the basic elements listed above, but also the infrastructure and controls needed to support the system. Overall, billing software helps companies improve financial relations with their customers. It also reduces manual work and allows telecom providers to stay compliant with state and federal laws. A telecom billing digital media software system is a system that bills end users for the services the telecom company provides. The software calculates the amount a user spends by taking into account the rate and the service consumption. We are dedicated to delivering effective solutions and expertise to the complex business challenges facing Telecommunications companies worldwide.

REVE Systems

Optical fiber network planning Expert at all stages of broadband internet and telecom network planning, our client required to automate the planning, design, and management of large-scale FTTx projects, mostly relying on geographical and fiber network maps. Intellias engineers worked on three generations of this solution, having guided its development through several important milestones, which helped our client expand their business and become one of the country’s most trusted IP telephony providers. As one of telecom software companies, Intellias helps businesses launch new services, manage their quality, and timely process user requests.

Drop us a line or give us a ring with any questions on software for telecommunication. We love to hear from you and are happy to answer any questions. Increase the release speed and decrease the maintenance costs of your applications in the cloud by creating an agile environment to make multiple production units work as a whole. Whether it is digitization or a complete overhaul of the business, Matellio’s experts can help you with the right custom digital solutions. Talawadekar of Airtel feels that 5G is going to be a great enabler for this entire ecosystem. And it is not only going to proliferate the connected vehicle features, but also help improve the operational efficiencies of the manufacturing process.

Let’s get started with the list of top 10 telecom software services in the sections below. Radio and television networks in the telecommunication industry have an antenna as compared to a transmitter in a telephone. This antenna turns the electrical signals into radio waves to enable them to travel to the extent of thousands of kilometers around the earth or even up to space, and back from there. A control software in a telecommunications system manages the functions and activities of the network. TEOCO offers BillTrak Pro, a cost management platform for telecoms including automated invoice processing and tracking, claims management, as well as cost savings and means analysis.