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Hiring teams spend lots of time writing these descriptions. So use them like a cheatsheet and give them exactly what they’re looking for. If you’ve never had a remote job, then try to think of the times when you did work remotely. Did you take Friday off to see the doctor and work from a coffee shop? The more examples you can think of, the better you can represent your remote experience.

  • «No fluff. No noise. Just useful career tips sent in small nuggets so it’s not overwhelming and easy to apply.» – Dave S.
  • And while that’s normal and totally understandable, it’ll be important for you to demonstrate that you know how to navigate these gray areas.
  • Finally, you can focus on why you want to apply for a remote position.
  • Do this and there’s no way a potential employer will miss it.
  • The design of your document proves your responsible approach to job application and influences the first impression of a recruiter about your candidacy.
  • And if taking your current job remotely is not an option, we got you – check out our guide on how to get a remote job.
  • And when it comes to creating working from home resumes, you need to make sure you put both skill sets on display.

“If this happens, communicate what you would do if you encountered XYZ situation in a remote role; sometimes the thought process is more valuable than the actual answer.» One of my favorite how to indicate remote work on resume things to do with a resume is add a touch of personality. This can be accomplished through pops of color, the addition of hobbies, community involvement, or charitable efforts.

Set Remote Work as a Location

By placing your remote work experience here, the recruiter will see right off the bat that you have previous experience with working independently from a home office. https://remotemode.net/ Here are some tips on how to weave your remote work experience into your resume. So, how do you properly show your remote work experience on a resume?

It doesn’t really matter how many years of experience you have here. Instead, it’s crucial how you describe your past roles and tasks. The point is to imagine how your strengths will benefit your future employers whilst explaining how these skills will adapt in a virtual setting. Even if you don’t have remote work experience, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have valuable skills to offer to a remote company. So instead of worrying about how to list remote work, instead focus on tailoring a resume for the specific job role you are applying to.

Include Remote Work In Your Work History Description

Most recruiters use software and AI tools to select candidates. So, it’s imperative to use the right keywords for the whole resume, not only describing previous roles. For example, adding ‘remote work’ as your location increases your chances of matching requirements for the algorithm. When you write your personal description, highlight how your skillset can contribute to a virtual setting. Most importantly, explain why you want to work remotely and professionally grow in a virtual team. The aim is to communicate that your motivations to find a remote job are personal, and you aren’t just looking for any position.

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