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insurance chatbot examples

Insurance businesses can easily leverage the power of automation to engage with their customers in a more holistic manner. By doing so, brands can establish a two-way communication channel with their customers and fulfill their expectations of an efficient, reliable and fast user experience. Chatbots are now an essential part of business operations, streamlining both internal and customer-facing interactions. Basic chatbots use a simple rules-based navigation system to solve customer queries. More complex systems rely on AI, Ml, and NLP to understand a customer’s unique context to provide an effective resolution.

  • For example Ojo Labs raised $45 million for a real estate chatbot and Lemonade released just five days before writing of this article that they have raised $315 million for a chatbot enabled insurance company.
  • One of the major things that make Hubtype’s conversational apps unique, is their rich elements.
  • Conversely, a carrier portal deployed with a chatbot may be the right place to share premium information and facilitate payment setup.
  • They can be integrated with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) engines that help to better understand and respond to a broader range of language variations.
  • Businesses can benefit from chatbots because they increase performance and save costs while enabling customer convenience and offering additional services to internal staff, clients, and partners.
  • As chatbots evolve with each day, the insurance industry will keep getting new use cases.

Rule-based bots work on a predefined set of questions and use an if/then logic. Bot applications are evolving rapidly thanks to emerging technology such as NLP and AI that are expanding bot capabilities. Another way AI is used in fraud detection is through anomaly detection. AI algorithms can analyze large amounts of data and identify unusual patterns or behaviors that may indicate fraud.

Sentiment analysis: Understanding customers better

Taking the next step towards conversational AI will require them to think about their existing infrastructure and how it can accommodate the virtual assistant solution. Insurance products may be subject to revisions and redefinitions from time to time. We are always learning more and understanding the possibilities and limits of human life through scientific research. Medical advancements and health trends also impact the quality of life and monetary costs of injuries, diseases and other accidents. During a roundtable discussion I mentioned an article I’d just written about big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


Indian insurance marketplace PolicyBazaar has a chatbot called “Paisa Vasool”. It helps users with tasks such as finding the right insurance product and comparing different policies. In 2022, PolicyBazaar also launched an AI-Enabled WhatsApp bot for the purpose of settling health insurance claims. Take your business to new heights by using this free insurance chatbot template.

Reshaping Insurance Customer Experience with Conversational AI: How it Works?

It is critical to note that suggesting relevant products is essential for effective cross comparing. For processing claims, a chatbot can collect the relevant data, from asking for necessary documents to requesting supporting images or videos that meet requirements. Customers don’t need to be kept on hold, waiting for a human agent to be available. AI can reduce the turnaround time for claims by taking away the manual work from the processes.

Which insurance company launched AI voice bot?

Edelweiss General Insurance launches AI Voice Bot for motor claim registration – The Hindu BusinessLine.

When they are, they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends, buy your products, and are less likely to be price-averse. The personalized shopping cart feature, alongside their automated product suggestions and customer care services, helped to nurture sales. HLC had 1,000 customers logging in daily, and their entire catalog was available online. This had the added benefit of giving their internal team some much-needed relief. Chatbots are the secret weapon of successful customer service use cases.

Blanchard insurance

Currently, their chatbots are handling around 550 different sessions a day, which leads to roughly 16,500 sessions a month. Bots help you analyze all the conversation data efficiently metadialog.com to understand the tastes and preferences of the audience. You can always trust the bot insurance analytics to measure the accuracy of responses and revise your strategy.

  • Robo advisory solutions which analyse market movements to help investors forecast accurately are also becoming popular.
  • With this bot, you can collect information of your prospective customers and can also capture your lead data with a timely and customized touch.
  • In most case studies, a chatbot is considered a customer service tool.
  • If any of these resources are updated, the changes are automatically applied to the bot interface.
  • Chatbots also enable customers to text directly to nearby stores from Google Maps.
  • Contextual chatbots are connected to the centralized database of a site or app, typically a customer relationship management (CRM) system or a customer data platform (CDP).

This can happen due to a lack of personalized experience and the unavailability of relevant information. Insurance chatbots are rapidly being deployed across all lines of business. Designed in line with best practices, with rich data to support them, insurance chatbots can improve the customer experience and increase customer service capacity. The need to automate customer experience in insurance is no longer a question.


Customers are less loyal and more demanding; competitors are entering the industry with radical ideas unburdened by legacy systems or mindsets. Disruption is inevitable; insurers must decide whether they will be among the disruptors or one of their casualties. Quickly provide information on policy coverage, quotes, benefits, and FAQs. Chatbots that use scripted language follow a predetermined flow of conversation rules. During the series, the Mountain Dew Twitch Studio streamed videos of top gaming hosts and professionals playing games.

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Is Getting Test Results Online Right Away a Good Idea? Yes ….

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HDFC Life Insurance realized the challenges in insurance and came to Kommunicate for an automated support solution. That’s how Elle, the Virtual Assistant, was created to handle inbound customer queries and service. Moreover, chatbots may also detect suspected fraud, probe the client for further proof or paperwork, and escalate the situation to the appropriate management. Not only this, but customers are able to make claims 24/7, without needing to wait for contact center opening times or an agent to become available. Hubtype’s insurance partners are able to resolve claims 5x faster, and reduce contact centers calls by up to 50%.

What Insurance Providers Should Know About

Some could say that buying from a chatbot without going on their website is the future, but I don’t buy that. Insurers will need to ensure that they are complying with data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA when collecting and processing data that is used to train and deploy OpenAI models. This may involve obtaining explicit consent from policyholders, implementing data protection measures, and ensuring that data is not shared with unauthorized third parties. As mentioned in step 6, this code pattern uses the preview of chatbot provided by Watson Assistant service.

  • Claiming filing can be daunting for your customers especially in the case of emergencies.
  • If you have a co-working space and wish to promote your way for lead generation then this is the chatbot template for your business.
  • It can also help insurers to identify new opportunities for growth and improve their overall operational efficiency.
  • An insurance chatbot is an intelligent AI-powered virtual assistant that is designed to ease two-way communication among insurers and customers at every step of their journey without human intervention.
  • A virtual assistant can be helpful for answering the frequent questions customers ask their insurance company, agent, or broker.
  • Then, once they have figured out what the user is looking for, the chatbot provides an answer that it believes is correct based on the available data.

Streamline filing accident claims, providing claim status updates, and paying settlements. The energy drink brand teamed up with Twitch, the world’s leading live streaming platform, and Origin PC for their “Rig Up” campaign. DEWBot was introduced to fans during the eight-week-long series via Twitch.

First-Ever Insurance Chatbot: Aflac’s DuchChat

They now shop for insurance policies online, compare quotes before speaking to an agent, and even self-service their policies. As consumers now have the ease of quick access to information, the insurance industry will need to look for ways to overhaul its processes to ameliorate the relationship between policyholder and provider. An insurance chatbot automatically interacts with prospects, qualifying them, and collecting their details through smart conversation.

insurance chatbot examples

What are examples of chatbots?

  • Slush – Answer FAQs in real time.
  • Vainu – Enrich customer conversations without form fill ups.
  • Dominos – Deliver a smooth customer experience via Facebook messenger.
  • HDFC Bank – Help your customers with instant answers.