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Corporate governance is a method to increase transparency, provide direction for leadership and align the interests of the business and its shareholders. It can lower the cost of capital raising and help build trust with community members and investors.

For a successful corporate governance system it is essential to have a strong team of employees and an effective board of directors. The most effective boards and teams are diverse, consisting of people with different backgrounds, skills, and experiences. This diversity fosters creative solutions and is the basis of a successful decision-making process. Transparency in business transactions and processes is essential, as is a code of ethical conduct that promotes ethical behavior.

Despite its importance, implementing a good corporate governance has proved difficult to achieve. A multitude of laws and regulations has hindered the development of a thoughtful discussion. The shrill voices, the apparent insurmountable divisions between shareholders activists and management, conflicts and previous staked out positions have all hindered it. It’s time for an entirely new approach.

To achieve good corporate governance, it’s important that all members of your board are aware of their roles and responsibilities. This is why you need detailed job descriptions and organizational www.boardroomfirst.com/boardmaps-or-onboard-management-software-what-is-more-effective charts as well as clearly-written governance policies. In addition, you must establish a system for periodically assessing and evaluating the board’s performance.

A sound corporate governance structure should include three policies that promote ethics, integrity and ethical business practices. These include a conflict of interest policy and whistleblower codes of conduct and an ethics code for directors. Most governance experts also agree that your board should have both insiders (major investors and founders) as well as independent members. Independents can help decrease the power imbalance on your board and add new perspectives.